Ode to Self

by marliaproject

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"Ode to Self" 2017 Cyprus

Maria Tombazou || composition, guitar, vocals, xylophone
Natalie Adamos || backvocals on 3
Eleni Demetriou || backvocals on 3
Demetris Yiasemides || flute, trombone on 3
Michalis Michael || trumpet on 3
Artwork || Makis Papadopoulos
Recorded and mixed || studio eleven63
Μastered || Anestis Psaradakos at Athens Mastering


released May 10, 2017



all rights reserved


marliaproject Cyprus

Marlia project is an ever-changing band, having as a core member the composer/singer/songwriter/ guitarist/looper and vocal effects manipulator Marlia, welcoming other artists to perform live with her around a fine line between song structure and improvisation. Marlia project just released a new solo album called 'Ode to Self' and is on the lookout for new collaborators and shows. ... more

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Track Name: A Way Out
was looking for
a way out
a way out

but I didn't know
Track Name: Every Day I Walk Around
Every day I walk around With the feeling of
The feeling of feeling great
Every day I walk around Having fun until
Having fun until the moonlight

Every day I walk around
From the start of the day until after hours
I keep a shiny smile on my face
‘cos there’s so much beauty all around me, yeah
I’m singing back to the birds
Our melodies filled with love and warm embrace
And when we rise up to the skies
It feels like heaven has come right down to us
Oh, right down to us

Every day I walk around With the feeling of
The feeling of feeling great
Every day I walk around Having fun until
Having fun until the moonlight

Watching every season change
Slowly from summer to fall and then summer again
Keep saving pictures in my mind
‘cos there’s so much beauty all around me, yeah
Rewarding me with every step
Sometimes I wonder can it get any better?
Breathing in every sense
Of everything that matters down here on earth

Every day I walk around With the feeling of
The feeling of feeling great
Every day I walk around Having fun until
Having fun until the moonlight
Track Name: Ode To Self
I walked this Earth and I walked alone
Maybe there were souls around me
Hey, but no – I don’t wanna talk to anybody
Don’t wanna trust nobody
In the darkness I remain alone

Suddenly I saw a bright Light and heard a different cry
It made sense singing out “come here, come home”
I’ll teach you everything I know
Just be open, be true, be aware, you’re gonna have to surrender.

And so the training started right away Pretty simple,
sit down crossed legged and concentrate on an empty glass jar
Play with energy and breathing techniques
Sit up straight and drive bad thoughts away

Until the jar starts shaking, starts shaking until I
start shaking, start shaking until the
jar starts spinning, starts spinning until I
start spinning, start spinning until the
jar starts to jump, starts to jump until I
start to jump, start to jump until the
jar gets suspended until
I get suspended

until… jar and I lift up from the ground to the sky
surrender surrender surrender surrender

I walk this Earth and I walk with everybody that I know
Feeling loved and accepted….
And that’s all
Track Name: Cosmic Dweller
All objects have an aura / Mental people discharge a glow
Global spirits become real / as human spirits are dissolved

Within the limits of pertinence / all life can be continued
to crash and stain, betray and wane / and constantly ridicule

Somebody draw a line
Some boundaries must be set
Without the need to cross them
Without any common sense

Most of us don’t understand why we’re running all day
We seem to think that this is the only way
and through the years we find that we can’t change a thing
as we slowly become entrapped in this

It seems that somebody else has chosen life for us
It seems that somebody else has chosen life for us

I must regain my power and reconsider my path

This is the one that came after the storm
This is the one that came after the storm
Track Name: As The Day
As the day becomes longer, will you be outside with me?
As the day becomes shorter, will you be inside with me?
As the day becomes wilder, will you be having fun with me?
When the day becomes duller, will u sing sad songs with me?

In all of the four seasons of the year, will you be here?
Through all of the four seasons of … the year

As my way becomes darker, will you share a torch with me?
As the sun becomes brighter, will you come walk around with me?
When I’m frail and I’m colder, will you sit by the fire with me?
And as the end becomes warmer, will you stay, will you stay for me?

In all of the four seasons of the year, will you be here?
Through all of the four seasons of ….. ….. the year

Easy come
And easy go
Come what may
And come what not

In all of the four seasons of the ………

As the day becomes faster, will you be keeping up with me?
And as the day becomes slower, will you be waiting for me?
Track Name: Never Believe That You're Complete
Why does everything seem so incomplete?
You never believe that you’re complete

I’m just beginning to see this, I’ve travelled far within a course of liquid force to start driving towards where the truth is
I’ve never liked to be one and the same with others
I don’t mind the misbehaviour I see, I don’t care about the names I’ll be called, I won’t let them marginalise me
In a context of life that makes more sense as a whole
For my perception has been foretold, since the wisdom is found in a binary star, let me be found near this, away from those who don’t understand, in the nick of time can I be saved? At the very last moment what’s the price I pay as I stand before you?


Continue to pledge and swear, and take on and bear, commit to actions, conclude what you’d never dare, oppress your human needs, deceive the virtual kins, right from the start, straight from the top, believe that this will go round and round and again, like the way it did back then, all those years you were unborn, all these eras left alone, when you couldn’t even see what’s in front of you or even lift your eyelids, as time moved on into periods unknown, possibilities were endless in a time of peace and war

Someone said we need to tell the story straight, justify what happens in every way or else there’s no evidence withdrawn, there’s no beauty left to hold for the future generations, the truth itself can be dissolved into a single tear, when memories from whatever existed may be erased by human mistake
In the face of this challenge I welcome you to come, realize that you yourselves can be part of a bigger whole and teach your children and forever be taught
In several years from now there might be a chance that you will see, maybe then you can believe, maybe then you can come even closer to my side of the story and just maybe then…

We could be ONE
For a little while
only for a little while
Track Name: Exper-Cre
You walk into a room
There’s people around
They stop and stare at you
Suddenly you realize
How different you are

Everybody’s laughing Reasons undiscovered
Say, “How do you do?”
They’re trying to boast about the things they feel proud of
Say, “All this shit is for you!”
And when you’re about to move forward in your life they mock you
Say “What? I’m better than you!”
But in the end, a million times over someone will be smiling
Say, …“I feel …. you”

It is so hard
Passing on
What’s in your head
To the people in the room
Without trying
Track Name: Just Once Dear
There will not be just once dear
that I’m gonna be out here
Two o’clock in the morning
just watering our plants
In the middle of the night…
…and I won’t be alone

And I’m feeling that what’s inside
(is telling me) to realize what I’ve done
And I’m feeling that what’s inside
(is asking me) to compromise the things I’ve done…
Track Name: All We Yoga
All we have is one life
Let’s live it the best we can
Before it’s too late
Think of how you wish to be remembered
And start practising what you preach
Apply your beliefs, be humble and gentle

All we have is one body Honor it
Be mindful, be healthy
Be healthy, be strong, be strong
and notice what you eat
What you drink and what you think
These are all vital for your skin
Did I mention you should breathe deep,

Ta ra ra pa pa …

All we have is one heart
Expand it as much as you can
And fill it with love Lalalala and more love
Learn who to trust and how to surrender
Learn how to forgive
You are your heart’s defender

All we have is one soul
Make sure it transcends
To another world free of load
Grown and pure and clean
as a morning blue sky
Up on a mountain top
Set it free oh set it free
By being who you truly are
Who you were meant to be

Hey oh hey oh haaa …

All we have is each other
Let go of ego
And learn to respect one another
Think of when you were a child
And keep the spirit alive
Give a kiss, say I love you, give a hug
And soon this will change
Your whole world
And all you have
Track Name: Zeimbekanymore
I don’t wanna cycle anymore
Today I have no ….. power
[Enough is enough and I want to break away for just one day]

I don’t wanna think anymore
Today I have no ….. clear head
[In life is vital to maintain a clear head and not wonder why]

I don’t fight them anymore
Not anymore
[Resistance is not the solution, I don’t wanna be against everyone else and everything]

I don’t wanna cycle anymore
I don’t wanna lie anymore
I don’t wanna fight them anymore
I don’t wanna hide anymore
Track Name: Things That Matter
Every time I hear you calling me in your sleep
I’ll be coming faster your way
Messages received through rays of sun within you
Who will be looking for things that matter?

Come along this trip you’ve helped me to design
Again from the beginning
And let everyone know that they can join in with us
As long as they find the things that matter

With eyes closed feeling the warmth
Embracing sweetly the whole body
Existence comes through stepping up
And finding… oh finding things that matter

I simply follow the path to things that matter
I simply follow the path to things that matter
I simply follow the path to things that matter
I simply follow the path to things that matter

Silently comprehending finality, abnormality, instincts crawling
Falling unjustified in realms of doubt
Considering one-way gates leading to causality
Beneath this rock of heavy duty and misdirection